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Finishing out new buildings and commercial remodels is our specialty. At Revtech Electrical Services Ltd, we strive to put your needs first, by being flexible, customizing work to your unique building specifications, and by keeping your costs low. Working with an experienced commercial electrician (with an in-depth knowledge of local building code) gives you the confidence you need to rest assured your project will run according to your schedule and budget.

Create the perfect atmosphere for your business and don’t worry about lifting a finger. Right from the start, a commercial lighting electrician from our team will collaborate with you to develop plans that align with your needs perfectly. A free consultation would allow us to explore your options further—at no obligation to you.

A Commercial Lighting Contractor Helps Bring Your Vision to Life Quickly

From Rerouting to rewiring (and everything in between) we are a commercial lighting contractor with a longstanding reputation for creating actionable design plans and meeting deadlines. No matter the scale or complexity of your request, we have the skills, advanced tools, and trained personnel to make it happen. If you are working within a tight timeline or require flexible scheduling, we are happy to accommodate your request.

Forward-Thinking Lighting Installation

Electricity is dangerous and in a commercial setting, requires the expertise of a certified electrician to be compliant with standard construction safety and building codes. Our hand-selected team of lighting installation specialists are licensed, bonded, insured and trained up to date in the latest safety and lighting installation protocol.

Problem Solving Commercial Electrical Contractors

If you are having any of the following problems with your lighting, our commercial electrical contractors can help right away.

  • High energy costs
  • Hot light fixtures
  • Lightbulbs burning out prematurely
  • Sufficient light is not being achieved by current infrastructure
  • Lights are too bright
  • Bulbs make buzzing sounds
  • Lightbulbs are always flickering
  • Lights are not wired to code
  • Light fixtures need to be updated
  • Commercial building lights won’t come on
  • Light switches, dimmers, and controls aren’t working

We keep crews in operations around the clock so there will be an affordable regular or emergency licensed electrician available to assist you whenever issues with lighting arise.

Exquisite Kitchen Lighting

The most effective kitchen lighting is designed with a focus on safety and viability. Shadows on food make it hard for the person preparing it to know if it is cooked correctly and dark spots in the kitchen can lead to several avoidable hazards that can be eliminated with the help of an intuitive lighting contractor. Don’t get stuck with one of those ‘electrician companies’ who are just looking to make a quick buck. We are local electricians who are invested in your success and who are committed to delivering an exceptional finished product—guaranteed.

Can an Outdoor Lighting Electrician Reduce my Energy Expenses?

There are many reasons you may need an outdoor lighting electrician to move your commercial building project forward. From installing security lights and improving visibility at night, to bringing your decks, patios, gardens, and hardscapes to life after dark. With recent advancements in LED and motion sensor technology, it is possible to significantly reduce energy and hardware expenses without sacrificing the light quality, hue, or gorgeous finished appearance you expect. To discover more ways to lower you power bills, set up a free assessment with a master electrician from our team.

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