Commercial Electrician Services in Arnprior

When you are looking for an ‘electrician near me’ it can sometimes mean you need help with an emergency or problem right away. In Arnprior, Revtech Electrical Services Ltd is the reputable electrical contractor you can depend on to deliver exceptional pricing and streamlined finished results on any job requiring the expertise of a licensed commercial electrician.

We offer a full set of 24-hour electrical services that can be dispatched as soon as you give us your location. Our commitment to your complete satisfaction, top quality craftsmanship (and products) is reflected in our comprehensive training, well-maintained service vehicles, and outstanding reputation for getting it right the first time.

Low Rates on Quality Electrical Services Industrial Institutional and Commercial

Whether you need a commercial electrician to inspect a new site or new building plans, or you are in the process of planning an upgrade and need assistance navigating the permitting process— we are here for you. Here is a brief list of just a few of the ways a commercial electrical technician from our team can add value and longevity to your business:

  • Heating and cooling wiring, inspection, upkeep, and replacements
  • Engineering and implementing commercial interior and exterior lighting layouts, LED upgrades and lighting controls
  • Appliance installs and upgrades including re-wiring and panel retrofits
  • Surge protection for every point of threat
  • Fixture replacements and refurbs
  • Water heating expertise
  • Code compliance inspections and repairs
  • Emergency licensed commercial electrician response 24/7

What Makes Us the Best Electrical Contractors for the Job?

We believe in establishing and maintaining open lines of communication with you from start to finish. Building plans can be very complex, and can change quickly to accommodate your specific goals and deadlines. Our top electrical contractors answer our phones with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions in real time. This will ensure your project comes to fruition flawlessly. In the past, we have lent a commercial master electrician to help with electrical management plans for a large variety of local businesses in virtually every sector. Some of these include:

  • Government offices and buildings
  • Community centers and churches
  • Large office buildings
  • Data centers
  • Call centers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals and emergency response services
  • Police stations
  • Shopping malls
  • Restaurants
  • Home builders
  • Professional centers
  • Contractors

Do You Need a Commercial Emergency Electrician?

Electrical currents are wonderful and useful for so many applications, so it’s easy for one to overlook the risks of danger these types of systems could present—especially on a larger commercial scale. If you are experiencing electrical problems in Arnprior, it is important to consult with a certified electrical contractor to make sure you are getting advice and service that is prompt and in line with current electrical standards. Here are some of the top reasons to call a commercial emergency electrician immediately:

  1. Live wires are down, or lightning has struck your property.
  2. There is no power.
  3. Machines are no longer able to draw full power.
  4. Lights are flickering of making buzzing noises.
  5. Circuit breakers keep tripping.
  6. Panels are hot or making buzz sounds.
  7. You have to keep replacing light bulbs or fuses.
  8. Individualized systems or machinery are down.
  9. Loss of building temperature control.
  10. Broken thermostats.
  11. Data center technology is malfunctioning.
  12. Internet and ethernet systems are down.

Call Arnprior’s premium commercial electrician for exceptional innovation, cost-savings and forward-thinking solutions to complex commercial electrical problems right away.