Electrical Retrofitting in Arnprior

In Arnprior, Revtech Electrical Services Ltd is well-known for being leaders in the delivery of affordable commercial electrical retrofitting services that are customized to meet your unique needs. Without the proper tools, training, project coordination, and certifications, it is nearly impossible to calculate the safe capacity for each wiring system, appliance, outlet and electrical component on your property. Our licensed professionals take the stress out of this process during a free assessment where we will take the time to get to know your goals and individual infrastructure in fine detail. Allow us to help you discover affordable ways to keep your investment safe and in compliance for years to come—without cutting any corners.

Retrofit Electrical Box – A Full Suite of Solutions and Long-Term Benefits 

Partnering with a company who specializes in precision retrofit electrical Boxes is the best way to make sure your project is going to be finished without exceeding your planned budget and deadline. We have the tools, accreditations, dedicated staff, and fully loaded service vehicles to drive your project forward without sacrificing quality or safety. Our open communication process means we’ll answer our phones when you have questions, assist you with expediting the permitting process by making sure applications are filled out properly, and provide you with a fair written estimate that will never cause your jaw to drop to the floor when you open your final bill.

  • Permit applications
  • Surface mount electrical box retrofits
  • Retrofit electrical box drywall services
  • Electrical lighting retrofits
  • Lighting control and automation retrofitting
  • Partial and full re-wiring
  • Panel and subpanel upgrades
  • Circuit breaker replacements
  • Heat pump wire-ins
  • Hot water tank retrofits
  • Tankless water heating wiring
  • Upgrades equipment wiring
  • Energy saving electrical system re-designs

The Dangers of Ignoring Warning Signals From an Electrical Box

An overloaded or damaged electrical box can shut down your business, causing client dissatisfaction, missed manufacturing deadlines, and the potential for even worse catastrophes like personal injury, electrocution, burns and high voltage shocks. These negative consequences can all be easily avoided with regular maintenance and inspection. If a surface mount electrical box, or any other type of electrical panel on your property is malfunctioning or you are planning an expansion, a refurbishment may be needed right away:

  • A dedicated panel is needed for high tech equipment like computers
  • A retrofit is necessary to satisfy changing or new insurance stipulations
  • A sub panel is needed
  • Breakers and panel components are rusty, corroded or damaged
  • Dedicated or grounded outlets are needed for new machines
  • Machinery is not able to draw full power from the system
  • Overheating
  • The panel is making buzzing or crackling noises
  • You are expanding your business or upgrading appliances

Keeping Your Outdoor Electrical Box Up to Code

An outdoor electrical box is necessary to manage outdoor lighting, security systems, and all of the other machinery that benefits your Arnprior company, that you house outside. It is critically important to inspect and maintain these boxes as they are at higher risk of damage from the elements, like small dirt and sand particles, to lightning strikes and massive rainfalls.

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